HOA Homeowners Meeting Minutes July 28, 2005

Meeting Minutes
Special Meeting for LC Residents – July 28, 2005 at 7:00PM, at the Old Lafayette School House

Anna Cass - MAL
Brian Walls - VP
Joe Lattanzio – Tres.
Terry Robertson – Pres.
Heather O’Neil – Sec.


Attorney will do presentation about the general business of a neighborhood association, and then field questions from the residents.

Homeowners from about 4 residences were present for this meeting.

Attorney provided handout for the meeting with valuable information about how neighborhood associations work. – extra copies are available, to request one contact a Trustee or send a written request to the Board and a copy will be made available to you.

Questions from residents after the presentation:

Cheryl Filippou - 5716 Rosemont
Ques. - How do you get copies of the Decs & By-Laws? From the County Recorder or can she get one from the Board?
Answer – You can always contact the Board for a copy and copies are always available at the County Recorders office too.
Ques. – If a homeowner submits a request to the Board, how long of a time period does the Board have to get back to the homeowner?
Answer – The Boards policy at this time is 30 days from the day they receive the request will they respond to the homeowner. However, no response from the Board does not mean that a homeowner should assume that an issue has been approved. You must get written approval from the Board to proceed with changes to your property or any other issues concerning the written laws of the association.

Mr. Steppenbaker - 5722 Rosemont
Ques.- There is a small tree on my lot that is leaning. Do I need permission from the Board to remove it?
Answer – Yes, you need permission because some of the properties in the neighborhood have federally protected wetlands that are not to be touched. If this is a safety issue and you want to remove the tree please submit a written request to the Board and they will investigate the tree removal.

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